Self Direction Your Way

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Self Directed Choices

Educates, Assists & Guides Individuals on How to

Successfully Manage Their Medicaid Waiver


The Mission of Self-Directed Choices, LLC is to help people to design their unique self-directed program.


Self-Directed Choices educates, assists, and guides individuals on how to successfully manage their self-directed services.

We believe all individuals have a right to community integration without barriers.


  • Educate individuals and families what Self Directed programs provide and what they can offer;

  • Listen carefully to your needs and to assist in creating the best possible individualized Service and Support Plan;

  • Guide you on self-determination;

  • Educate you on locate goods/services and teach you how to access your approved support plan and budget;

  • Assist you how to select, hire and train for employees and vendors;

  • Guide you on the Self Directed programs processes and paperwork;

  • Assist you in problem solving issues by helping you clarify problems and identifying potential solutions;

  • Empower you to advocate for yourself and your needs, and to encourage you to remain active in your community;

Self Directed Choices

At Self-Directed Choices, we believe all people are highly valuable and contribute significantly to their communities

Our History

Self-Directed Choices (SDC) has evolved from a sole practitioner to a fully functional Medicaid agency.

  • January 1, 2008, we became a resource manager and facilitator

  • March 1, 2011, we became Medicaid agency.

As a Medicaid agency, the costs for our services do not come out of your budget. Medicaid pays Self-Directed Choices directly for the services we provide.

Providing State-Wide Services

Self Directed Choices