The Mission of Self-Directed Choices, LLC is to open the door to the Mi Via Waiver Program and Centennial Care Self-Directed Community Benefit (SDCB) goods and services to all eligible New Mexicans. We work with New Mexicans regardless of location, age or health condition(s). We accomplish this through a partnership of mutual understanding of each member's condition as it relates to the member's abilities, goals and dreams.


The Purpose of Self-Directed Choices is to educate, guide and assist each person in clarifying their needs and making informed decisions unique to the program (Mi Via or Centennial Care). This person-centered approach is done in partnership with the member's natural supports, families and other interested parties.


  • Explain what the Mi Via Waiver or Centennial Care programs provide and what they can offer;
  • Listen carefully to your needs and create the best possible individualized Service and Support Plan;
  • Help you understand self-determination;
  • Work with you to locate goods/services and teach you how access your approved support plan and budget;
  • Teach you how to select, hire and train employees and vendors;
  • Explain the Mi Via or Centennial Care process and paperwork;
  • Empower you to advocate for yourself and your needs, and to encourage you to remain active in your community;
  • Resolve Mi Via and Centennial Care issues by helping you clarify problems and potential solutions;

At Self-Directed Choices, we believe all people are highly valuable and contribute significantly to their communities.

Our History

Self-Directed Choices (SDC) has evolved from a sole practitioner company to a fully functional Medicaid agency.

  • January 1, 2008 we became a resource manager and facilitator
  • March 1, 2011 we became a Consultant and Support agency

As a Medicaid agency, the costs for our services do not come out of your budget. Medicaid pays Self-Directed Choices directly for the services we provide.

Providing State Wide Services

The Centennial Care 2019 Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) will be:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
  • Presbyterian
  • Western Sky
If you have Centennial Care but are currently with another provider, you may wish to prepare to choose one of these providers for 2019.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

~Eleanor Roosevelt