Supports Waiver

New Mexico’s new Supports Waiver (SW) is a Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver that is an option for individuals who are on the Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver Wait List. Supports Waiver services are intended to complement unpaid supports that are provided to individuals by family and others.

You keep your place on the Wait  on the Wait List, whether you choose to accept Supports Waiver offer or not. Contact the Intake and Eligibility Bureau for more information about the Wait List.

Guiding Principles

  • Decide where and with whom to live.

  • Choose their own work or productive activity

  • Choose how to establish community and personal relationships

  • Be respected and supported during the decision-making process and in the decisions made.

  • Access natural and generic supports as needed.

  • Hire, train schedule, supervise and dismiss service providers.

  • Receive training, resources, and information related to the Supports Waiver in a format that meets the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements

  • Appeal denials or decisions through the reconsideration and fair hearing processes.

  • Transfer to a service delivery model on the Supports Waiver that meets the participants’ needs.

  • Receive culturally competent services.

  • Be free from restraint, restrictive interventions, seclusion, and coercion.

Self Directed Choices

How to Get Started?

Supports Waiver Services are provided within a $10,000 Annual Budget. A mix of services and supports can be chosen based on personal preferences. Through person-centered planning you will develop your service plan and budget. COVID information included in the Supports Waiver welcome information to consider while planning for services

Self-Directed Choices is Your Community Supports Coordinator (CSC)

As your CSC we will assist you selecting the services as well as guide, educate and monitor waiver participation. As a CSC we are not paid out of the $10,000 annual budget. If a Supports Waiver participant is interested in changing their CSC agency the DDSD regional office in their region will assist with the change.

Service Delivery Models

A Supports Waiver participant will have the choice to access Support Waiver services through Agency Based Services or a Participant Directed Services.

Agency Based Service Delivery

When you choose to have Supports Waiver services provided through the agency-based model, the CSC will help you get information about the agencies that provide Supports Waiver services

Approved Supports Waiver Agencies are listed on the Secondary Freedom of Choice form. A Provider Selection Guide as well as Tips for Provider Selection during COVID -19 are available to help you with selecting a provider. If you are interested in enrolling as a Supports Waiver Provider, more information is available from DDSD Provider Enrollment

Participant Directed Service Delivery

You can also choose to have Supports Waiver services provided through a participant-directed model. You will either be your own employer for your services or select an

Employer of Record (EOR)

The EOR is in charge of hiring, firing, directing and ensuring training of employee and vendors and completing administrative duties. Being an EOR is an important responsibility. An EOR will need training and time to dedicate to the job. There are supports available to assist an EOR and an EOR Guidebook to reference. If you are not your own EOR, your EOR must work with you to make sure your choices and input are honored. Your CSC can provide you an EOR Readiness Checklist to help with your decisions.

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Supports Waiver DDSD Staff Directory

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